TfL plans to fine motorists and dock points from licences for ignoring Advanced Stop Lines

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By Simon_MacMichael,

London’s Cycling Commissioner, Andrew Gilligan, plans to deploy CCTV cameras to catch motorists illegally entering Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs), with transgressors being fined £60 and having 3 penalty points put on their driving licence.

“We know how many cars go into advance stop boxes — probably more than 50 per cent of the time. Maybe they don’t known they are meant to stay out of them.

“At present, you have to have a police officer standing at the junction or in a police car. What we can do is stick a camera up and do automatic enforcement. That will sort out the problem.”

The Standard points out that fines imposed on drivers for ignoring ASLs or mandatory cycle lanes [cars entering bike lanes (or parking in them)]

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