Seize the cars of motorists who injure bicyclists!

By George M. Simmons Jr.

Here’s the problem. Motor vehicle operators who cause injury (and death) receive only minor penalties. It’s a joke, is it not??? The legal system looks the other way, winks, excuses them, and probably gives them a gift card to a local automotive parts store, not to mention a “bicyclist down” sticker for for their bumper or fender.

Here’s what I think should be done: Motorists who injure cyclists should have their vehicle impounded, license suspended, and they should be required by law to ride a bicycle for ALL activities while the cyclist is recuperating from injuries — or face an equivalent amount of prison time.

This is in addition to the motorist (or their insurance company) having to pay for all medical expenses and providing income to pay for the cost of living expenses while the cyclist cannot work. If the offender were required to see the world through the eyes of a cyclist, then perhaps we could achieve an attitude adjustment in their behavior!

As things are, most aggressive motorists know there will be at most a minor inconvenience to deal with the issue. Who cares about the cyclist?

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