Britain's biggest driving schools to roll out cycle awareness module

AA and BSM to teach new drivers how to share the road safely - and that there's no such thing as "road tax"

Via Road CC

"However,” he added, “it would be even better if young people were given advanced cycle training on the use of busier roads, before they start learning to drive.

“Anecdotal evidence from instructors suggests that regular cyclists are quicker to pick up hazard perception and defensive driving skills. CTC has, in the past, argued that advanced cycle training for teenagers be provided alongside basic skills training for younger children as part of the school curriculum."

"The next step is to make cycle awareness a core part of the practical driver’s test, particularly on how to overtake people on bikes safely.

“By slowing down speeds, improving routes available to cyclists and pedestrians and changing the culture on our roads to one of sharing and mutual respect, we can improve road safety for everyone.”

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