BikeSpike Kickstarter opportunity

From press release:

If you’ve ever had your bicycle stolen, you probably wished there was a way to get it back…

A Chicago based startup is addressing this with a new gadget called BikeSpike that alerts your smartphone when your bike is tampered with and makes it easy to notify police. Similar to Apple’s “Find My Phone” feature, you get text and email alerts and can track the cycle’s location on the web and through your smartphone. 

Not only does it protect your bike, it goes beyond this with BikeSpike’s accelerometer, which can also detect a crash, pinpoint its location and alert people on your contact list to send help. Parents could also be alerted when kids ride outside a set “safe zone.”  BikeSpike also enables cyclists to monitor stats like distance, speed and favorite courses, and fans and coaches can oversee groups of bikers or watch a specific person race from the web. Plus, it comes with open API for any software developer to create special smartphone apps.

To get this new gadget, BikeSpike is raising funds through Kickstarter where anyone who pledges $149 can get the device, carbon filter water bottle cage and bundled data plan this October

Found via The WashCycle

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