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Friday, September 22 2017 @ 12:42 AM UTC

External Airbags Designed to Save Cyclists, Pedestrians

News you will not see in MarylandBY ALEXANDER GEORGE, Wired

In the Netherlands, where bicycles are ubiquitous, approximately 200 cyclists (and 70 pedestrians) are killed each year after being struck by a car. If a car is going faster than 25 mph – the average speed of an accident in the Netherlands – a collision with a bicyclist is usually fatal, and helmets don’t help much during an impact of 12 mph or greater.

TNO looked at every detail of a cycle crash, specifically at the impact points at a vehicle’s front end, concluding that automatic braking and external airbags positions at the bottom of the windshield would reduce the severity of crashes dramatically.

The 2013 V40 already has this feature, but the technology won’t be making its way across the Atlantic.

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[B' Spokes: Too many times American &quot;safety&quot; philosophy impresses me as so self-centered as if they were saying &quot;We need to prevent people from committing suicide when driving but if they want to commit murder that's OK.&quot;]

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