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Thursday, September 21 2017 @ 03:29 AM UTC

Comparative risks

Biking ElsewhereSo I took this:

and made this from the relative odds compared to driving:

  • There is a very good reason why motorcyclists should wear a helmet
  • All cycling is way safer then driving
  • All cycling is very close to walking (though with Maryland being the 8th highest in pedestrian fatalities cycling maybe even safer then walking here.) If we are not considering a mandatory helmet law for pedestrians, then let's not consider one for cyclists.
  • Cycling with a helmet may be biased toward bike club rides, where people drive to ride someplace nice and there is a safety-in-numbers effect when riding with a group.
  • That is to say the helmet alone may not be the major factor here, bike clubs promote safe cycling practices among other things.

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