Recording of the House Hearing on Two Bike Bills

It seems really strange to me when Maryland bike fatalities drop from our usual 10-12 down to 5 (2011) that our legislature wants to increase our safety by putting more onus on us with a mandatory helmet law. Del McIntosh seems to have developed this concern after seeing a un-helmeted cyclist in Baltimore. Baltimore averages about one cyclist death a year and the most common thing that sticks out in my mind is right turning vehicles violating the cyclists right-a-way (Yates & Krasnopoler) and helmets did not help those two.

The opponents testimony against removing the narrow highway exception are trucking organisations and why they want this exception so... well let's skip to the bit that they would be open to being allowed to pass a cyclist over the double yellow, that's cool. We need to push for an amendment to say this!!! I usually have a lot of respect for trucks driving on our two lane roads but a general exception for anyone and everyone where the intent is if you can't legally and safely pass you can legally unsafely pass has to go!

Here's he link:
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The bike bills last 1:47 and there is one other bill (short) stuck in between..

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