Cardin Annapolis Reports: Week 10 -- Moving Forward

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Jon Cardin 11th District State Delegate
Cardin Annapolis Reports: Moving Forward
by Jon Cardin
March 16, 2012
It’s been a very busy week for my staff and me, including three bill hearings in two different committees on top of marathon hearings in my Ways and Means Committee.  Don’t forget that our crucial primary election is fast approaching, April 3.  See the last paragraph for more information! On Tuesday, I advocated for two of my three bills pertaining to bicycle safety and infrastructure.  First, HB1178 is a legislative response to last year’s tragic death of 20 year-old Johns Hopkins student Nathan Krasnopoler.  While riding in the designated bicycle lane, wearing all appropriate safety gear and adhering to all applicable rules of the road, Nathan was struck by an 83 year-old driver and left trapped beneath the weight of the vehicle for nearly 20 minutes.  The driver neither called for help nor notified onlookers.  My bill, developed with the Krasnopoler family, would increase the points assessed to drivers convicted of failure to either provide or call for aid after an accident resulting in death or bodily injury.  Second, HB1278 would require each public institution of higher education to develop a “facility master plan” to address bicycle and pedestrian circulation on and near campus, including measures to incorporate existing infrastructure and to promote biking and walking on the campus.  My third bicycle safety-related bill will be heard in committee this Tuesday.  HB1397 would strengthen last year’s “3-Foot Rule” to allow drivers to pass cyclists and other non-cars on the roadways at a safe distance in an otherwise non-passing zone, under certain safe conditions.

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