Spoke Bicycle Insurance

[B' Spokes: No relation and not an endorsement, just something I think is a cool idea.]

"Its like auto insurance for your bicycle."

SPOKE BICYCLE INSURANCE is the first of its kind; a comprehensive stand-alone bicycle insurance program available to individual riders in the USA.

Our bike insurance programs were developed with professional input from legal experts in the cycling field, bicycling industry consultants and representatives of national and regional cycling clubs and organizations.

We're bicycle people just like you. At Spoke Bicycle Insurance, we understand the risks facing the cycling public and our mission is to provide much needed insurance coverage to this under-represented community.

The Spoke Bicycle Insurance program wants its clients to have the same level of protection afforded to other users of the road. We back up our bicycle insurance program with an "AM Best A-rated carrier". Insurance brokers RE Chaix and associates administrate Spoke Bicycle Insurance programs and Sports Insurance Solutions is the retail agency responsible for providing coverage to Spoke Bicycle Insurance customers. Our knowledgeable team is very excited about our unique bicycle coverage. We are dedicated to promoting safe cycling and helping our clients secure the coverage that is right for them.

<a href="http://www.spokeinsurance.com/html/index.php">http://www.spokeinsurance.com/html/index.php</a>;

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