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Sunday, November 19 2017 @ 07:47 PM UTC

Study purports to equate NASCAR viewing with aggressive driving

Biking in Baltimore[B' Spokes: No doubt one of my pet peeves is people who call cyclists Lance Armstrong wannabees, like Ooo that's a really bad character trait trying to better oneself. But more to the point is being a [NASCAR driver name] wannabee a better thing? The following article hints that no it is not.

We used to define "being into sports" as the physical activity we enjoyed doing but now our culture seems to define "being into sports" as "pass me a beer and the TV remote" as if anything short of pro level is detestable. This is in part why we have an obesity epidemic. We need to flip the current conversations so Lance Armstrong wannabees is a good thing and [NASCAR driver name] wannabees is a bad thing, a very bad thing.]
AOL Sporting News

The research found the number of aggressive-driving accidents declined on race days and hypothesized that might be attributable to race fans staying home to watch on TV. Five days after a NASCAR race, however, the number of aggressive-driving accidents and injuries spiked significantly.

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