Alert: How many times do we have to correct the state in it's law summaries?

Around this time last year Baltimore Spokes put the following out for discussion on how to summarize our new 3' law (as the State was issuing the poor summery mentioned here (and poor is a nice word for what they did):) What the 3' law says and doesn't say.

And we got it corrected to:

Traffic Laws for Motorists

  • The driver of a vehicle passing another vehicle, including a bicycle, must pass at a safe distance and leave plenty of space.  The driver should be able to see the passed vehicle in the rear view mirror before returning to the original lane. After passing you must make sure you are clear of the bicyclist before making any turns.
  • Drivers shall exercise due care to avoid colliding with any bicycle, Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMD), or motor scooter being ridden by a person.
  • The driver of a vehicle must not pass any closer than three (3) feet to a bicycle or motor scooter if the bicycle is operated in a lawful manner. It is not lawful to ride against traffic.
  • The bicycle has the right of way when the motor vehicle is making a turn, and you must yield to bicycle.
  • Motorists must yield the right-of-way to bicyclists riding in bike lanes and shoulders when these vehicle operators are entering or crossing occupied bike lanes and shoulders.
  • ...
MVA on: Current Bicycle Laws

Well the Maryland Bikeways Program has the following link BICYCLE LAW FACT SHEET. Which you'll find the following:

THIS IS WRONG!!! (The law does not say you can buzz cyclists who fail to ride far right.)
Write Michael Jackson <> and kindly ask to have this file "destroyed" and remove the reference from this page (there may be more then just this page) and replace it with The latter is supposed to be the "master" bike law summery page on which others are based.

by B' Spokes

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