BDOT: Oops we made a mistake so we'll make the same mistake in the other direction

Baltimore Brew has some fair coverage of the Monroe Bike Lane removal (boy was that quick) under the headline: Monroe Street bike lane: Gone baby gone.
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From the article:
DOT spokeswoman Adrienne Barnes said today, “We told you – there were some safety issues. And a decision was made to do these things differently. We need to talk to the community folks first [before installing a lane].”
Ooooo &quot;safety issues&quot;, now I understand what the problem is.... not!

In NYC they tried to play the &quot;safety issues&quot; card as well on the Prospect West Cycle Path and a lot of the points were just absurd and no bases in reality. Which is not to say there couldn't be legitimate safety reasons for the removal of the Monroe St bike lane but I think if that was the case they would be articulated. The fact they have not been spoken of in any detail has me very concerned.

So because DOT did not talk to the community they chose not to talk to the bike community to correct the error. Ya that will work. [/sarcasm]


From the article: &quot;I am sure the city never did handle this right. First they put it in without anyone knowing about it. Then they took it out without anyone knowing about it.”

Fact check:
From the article: &quot;Councilwoman Belinda K. Conaway, ...She criticized bike advocates for not reaching out to the community earlier.&quot;
Uhhh, that's DOT's responsibly, wait, I'm explaining how government is supposed to work to a councilwoman? That's a big part of the problem here and keep in mind it's &quot;their&quot; side that turned us away when a problem was discovered, so if you want to talk about not reaching out, look in the mirror.

Anyway, speaking of DOT's responsibly they are *supposed* to provide routine accommodations for cyclists, which is what they attempted to do here. (See 09-0176R #5 <a href=""></a>; )

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