How Delaware made statewide bike funding history with CMAQ

Again filed under "News you will not see in Maryland." Like DE used to be, Baltimore Metro has not spent a dime of CMAQ on bike projects. Maryland gets about $49 million of CMAQ a year or two years of CMAQ could pay for what we plan to spend over 6 years with no local match required.
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from Blog by Darren
By tapping into Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) improvement funds for bicycling projects – the first time ever in Delaware – Bike Delaware and its allies have opened the door for the future funding of bicycling projects that give people options to substitute their cars trips with enjoyable, healthy, non-polluting, non-traffic-clogging bike trips.

Every year Delaware spends about $12 million in federal CMAQ dollars. “But in the 20 year history of the CMAQ program, not one dime has ever been used for bicycling, greenways or trails in Delaware,” wrote Bike Delaware Executive Director James Wilson, “Until now. We have broken a 20 year drought and also set an immensely hopeful precedent for the future.”

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