Rec and Parks water bill ... or your tax dollars at work

[B' Spokes: Just a sampling of some of the crazy erroneous water bills going on around Baltimore. I thought some might like to know ]
UPDATE: <a href=""></a>;

It is an error caused by an estimate followed by an actual read that was smaller then the estimate and &quot;that just confused the system.&quot;

[B' Spokes: Perhaps these are the same programmers behind Baltimore's &quot;computerized&quot; traffic lights. That's another system that gets confused.]

ADDED: News coverage: <a href=""></a>;

via Linda Stewart

‎$490,000.00 erroneous water bill paid for with your tax dollars, property known as LIGHT ST MEDIAN 3 FT - Account # 09291285006 - the bill gets mailed to the department of Parks and Recs. How many parks could use this money??

You can look up this water bill using the city's web site: <a href=""></a>;

05/16/07 08/02/07 $1,236.71
08/02/07 11/01/07 $1,236.71
11/01/07 01/28/08 $1,236.71
01/28/08 05/06/08 $10,156.20 **
05/06/08 08/08/08 $1,273.30
08/08/08 11/06/08 $296,945.87 ***
11/06/08 02/18/09 $1,286.24
02/18/09 05/12/09 $2,169.41
05/12/09 07/30/09 $1,366.84
07/30/09 11/18/09 $1,401.91
11/18/09 03/01/10 $1,401.91
03/01/10 05/24/10 $1,401.91
05/24/10 08/05/10 $2,962.41
08/05/10 04/11/11 $5,080.06
04/11/11 06/23/11 $492,425.61 ***

This property was also overbilled $295,000.00 back in Nov 08, they only received a credit after Steve Levine from Fox 45 called the Department of rec to question this bill.

by B' Spokes

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