Garden State Safer for Walkers in 2010

by Michelle Ernst

Fewer pedestrians and cyclists are dying on the Garden State’s roads,
Obviously there isn’t enough data to show causality between the decline in fatalities and New Jersey’s recently passed law requiring drivers to “stop and stay stopped” for pedestrians in crosswalks, or the ensuing crackdown on motorists who fail to yield . But the numbers certainly help allay concerns that the law would increase pedestrian fatalities by emboldening people to – horror! – cross the street.
B' Spokes: What no crack down on j-walkers like what we do here. Maryland's pedestrian fatality rate is climbing and yet government continues to blame the victims of overly car centric roadways and self centered drivers.

Now remember Maryland pedestrians you can't j-walk and you can't step into the crosswalk if the motorist cannot or will not stop. After all we are shooting for the #1 slot of having the highest pedestrian fatality rate in the nation. Go Maryland!

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