Velocipede Summer As-Is Sale/Fundraiser!

Sunday, August 7 ยท 10:00am - 4:00pm

Priced from $5 and up!
As-Is! (You need to carry the bike home. no you cannot leave it here for a future pick up date)

Hey everyone,
As you might have noticed from recent visits to our workspace we've been steadily running out of room for our projects. So, on August 1st, we will be having an As-Is sale of various bikes in various conditions. Come pick up a fixer-upper for cheap!

We will have up to 50 bicycles in various stages of repair to sell, and proceeds from this sale goes towards our operation costs. See you there!


4 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore, MD 21201

Get Directions: <a href=";pc=FACEBK&amp;mid=8100&amp;rtp=adr.~pos.39.30878_-76.6169_Velocipede+Bike+Project_4+W.+Lanvale+St.%2C+Baltimore%2C+MD+21201&amp;cp=39.30878~-76.6169&amp;lvl=16&amp;sty=r&amp;rtop=0~0~0~&amp;mode=D&amp;FORM=FBKPL1&amp;mkt=en-US">;pc=FACEBK&amp;mid=8100&amp;rtp=adr.~pos.39.30878_-76.6169_Velocipede+Bike+Project_4+W.+Lanvale+St.%2C+Baltimore%2C+MD+21201&amp;cp=39.30878~-76.6169&amp;lvl=16&amp;sty=r&amp;rtop=0~0~0~&amp;mode=D&amp;FORM=FBKPL1&amp;mkt=en-US</a>;

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