We won - the Governor Signs HB363 into Law!

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Thanks to your great work, we won! 

House Bill 363 - the Manslaughter by Vehicle - Criminal Negligence bill was signed into law today by Governor O'Malley. Bike Maryland gives thanks to the many dedicated partners (Delegate Simmons and the Maryland General Assembly, Mid-Atlantic AAA, City of Rockville, Washington Area Bicycle Association, League of American Bicyclists and more) and the advocates that worked together to bring this legislation to fruition. 

      Governor O'Malley, aside many bill supporters, signs HB363 into law.

HB 363 increases justice and safety for all vulnerable groups, including bicyclists and pedestrians, by sending a clear message to motorists to obey the law - now just punishment exists.  There have been far too many bicycle and pedestrian fatalities, caused by motorists, on Maryland roads.  HB363 fills an important loophole in the law and prosecutors will now be able to seek higher penalties for those who cause the fatality of a bicyclist/pedestrian. 

The bill will become law on October 1, 2011.  Click here to go to the Maryland General Assembly HB363 bill information page. 


Carol Silldorff, Bike Maryland Executive Director, presents Delegate Luiz R. S.
Simmons (sponsor of the bill) with a certificate of excellence for his personal
commitment, dedication, leadership and support of bicycle and pedestrian
safety and justice in Maryland. 

Edward Kohls, Adiva Sotzsky, Delegate Simmons, Carol Silldorff & Tamara Bensky.
Ed, Adiva and Tamara experienced the tragic loss of a loved one. They worked
passionately and diligently in their promotion of HB363. We profusely thank
them for their courage and dedication toward making Maryland a safer place
to bike.


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Additional coverage in the Sun http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/news/traffic/2011/05/omalley_signs_mansalughter_bil.html

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