Why People Don’t Bike

[B' Spokes: I find it interesting to note that Maryland still stress trails over bike lanes.]
I found the results of a survey that was recently taken in Arlington County, Virginia which asked the question - “What cold Arlington County do to make it easier for you to ride a bike.” Although the survey was conducted in a single county, I believe that the results would apply to most other parts of the country. The survey include over 4000 people. The answers and percentage of survey responses are listed below.

Separate bicycle lane 15%

More bike trails 10%

Make it safer 6%

More bike racks/lockers 5%

Lighting on bike paths/lanes 3%

Road signs to alert drivers 3%

Provide bike share/rentals 3%

More connections to trails 3%

Other 16%

Don’t know 8%

Nothing would encourage me 38%

The positive result is that 54% of the people that responded had an idea of something that would encourage them to bike. Only the last category (Nothing would encourage me) which accounted for 38% of the results appeared adamantly opposed to biking. Perhaps higher gas prices would encourage them to bike.

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