Cyclist Needed for Baltimore Parking Photos

Job Description:

Pay: $495+
Location: Downtown Baltimore 
Requirements: Bicycle & Camera
Description: Gather info from 99 parking facilities.

Job Details: We require a motivated individual with a bicycle (or motorcycle) and a camera to gather rates from approximately 99 parking facilities in the heart of Baltimore. You will be given maps detailing all parking locations in downtown Baltimore. You must visit each parking facility listed on the maps, take pictures of the rates, write down the phone number and monthly rate, and ask the attendant specific questions. It will take 8-10 minutes to collect all needed information at each facility. You will be paid $5 per facility. You will be paid $5 EXTRA (double pay) for each commercial parking facility not yet listed on our collection maps.

Job Requirements: You will need to start this job immediately and finish within a specified time period business days working on approximately 10 facilities per day. You must regularly upload files to the online storage site; half of the total number of facilities (photos) must be uploaded by the 8th business day. You must work between the hours of 8AM and 5PM, Monday-Friday. You will need a 3+ megapixel digital camera, a bicycle/motorcycle, and high-speed Internet access. Before I hire you, I will give you more detailed instructions on the process. Payment via check will be sent after the entire round is completed.


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