Alert: Hopkins student struck by car while riding bicycle

"No charges or citations have or are likely to be filed against the driver of the vehicle, an 83-year-old woman, according to Police department spokesman Kevin Brown."

The Law:
§ 21-1209.(d) Yielding right-of-way.- Unless otherwise specified in this title, the driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a person who is lawfully riding a bicycle, an EPAMD, or a motor scooter in a designated bike lane or shoulder if the driver of the vehicle is about to enter or cross the designated bike lane or shoulder.

"The man was riding his bike in a marked bike lane on West University Parkway at the intersection with West 39th Street when he was struck by a vehicle whose driver was attempting to turn right, according to Brown."

Our guidance (based on Maryland law) submitted to MVA for inclusion in the next Drivers' Handbook:

"Never make a right turn from a through lane immediately after passing a bike on a shoulder or bike lane. Doing so is as dangerous as turning right from the left lane after passing a car on your right, so stay behind the bicycle. Try to avoid any chance that a bicycle will be to your right or in your right blind spot when you turn right. Before starting a right turn, move as far to the right as practicable within the bike lane, shoulder, or right turn lane. "
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There is nothing reported that shows the driver followed this guidance.

And there Baltimore City's Cyclists Bill of Rights passed by City Council:
&quot;3. Cyclists have the right to the full support of educated law enforcement.&quot;
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Police got the laws wrong in the Jack Yates case and again here, this has to stop!
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Write: and let the Mayor know your thoughts. Be sure to include your full name and address.
In the news:
Excerpts from: <a href=",0,4632453.story">,0,4632453.story</a>;
<a href=",-critically-injured">,-critically-injured</a>;

Just to note this penalty has been put forth as the appropriate penalty for § 21-1209.(d)
§ 27-114. Violation of Title 21, Subtitle 4. [Right-of-way]
(a) Penalty.- If a person violates any provision of Title 21, Subtitle 4 [Right-of-way] of this article and the violation contributes to an accident that results in the death or, as defined in § 27-113 of this title, serious bodily injury of another, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction:
(1) The person is subject to a fine of not more than $1,000; and
(2) The Administration may suspend the person's license for not more than 180 days.
(b) Request for hearing on license suspension.- Subject to the provisions of Title 12, Subtitle 2 of this article, a licensee may request a hearing on a license suspension imposed under this section.

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What is the status of that MVA Handbook? While I'm sure that the 83-year old driver did not mean to hit the bicycle, the problem of drivers in general not knowing how to merge and then turn right is entirely commonplace--even many cyclists think that a right hook turn is the property way to execute the term so that one is not "driving in the bike lane." But until MVA adopts that guidance, it's harder to push for PR driver education in Baltimore. I would think that in preparation for Bike to Work Day, Peter Moe should be explaining to the new media how to driver with a bike lane. I think it is higher priority than 3-foot law, because the latter law just codifies common sense. How to turn right is somewhat counterintuitive for some people (though not a cyclist who ever had to take a lane) and hence there is more value by instructing people the proper procedure.
The last I heard on the MVA Handbook is taking our recommendations strongly with just minor word tweaking (but we will get a chance to review before publishing.) Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO Peter Moe) is working on posters and such to be displayed at MVA testing sites that cover driving around bicycles safely. And I get them impression that these will cover the proper way to turn when bike lanes and cyclist are present. (we will get a chance to review before publishing.) The sad bit, this should have been an educational moment for motorists not a "It's OK to hit cyclists in the bike lane." moment.
BCPD confimed the accident occured at a driveway on 100 W Univ P. not at the 39th st I-sect. Also that charging decisions wont be made until BCPD offic. Anthony Browns accident investigation team has completed the accident reconstruction and report and then it will be a joint decision with the States Attorney's office. BUT...every one I talked to at BCPD made it sound like they were going through the motions and either highlighted that the driver was 83yo or stated that Nathan "T-boned" her turning car, as if the point of collision alone determined fault.
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I guess that all of my friends from will agree with the law and with the fact that the drivers was not paying attention to the traffic. Maybe 83 is an age when people shouldn't drive cars.