Potential 2011 Bike Maryland Legislative Priorities

[B' Spokes: In case you have not seen this I'm providing just the titles, follow the link at the end of the article for more information, If you have any questions or comments please post a comment (no login required.)]

1. Manslaughter by Vehicle or Vessel – Criminal Negligence
2. 80/20 Match – Transportation Enhancements program
3. Complete Streets (Policy implementation / possible legislation)
4. Trail Access in Parks after Dark for Bicycle Commuters
5. Not Blocking or Parking in Dedicated Bike Lanes
6. Bikes on MARC
7. Crash vs. Accident
8. Driver’s Awareness Campaign

<a href="http://bikemd.org/files/public/documents/Newsletter%20Legislative%20Priority%20Update%20Jan%2011%202011.pdf">http://bikemd.org/files/public/documents/Newsletter%20Legislative%20Priority%20Update%20Jan%2011%202011.pdf</a>;

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