New Products at BBW

from Baltimore Bicycle Works

In recent weeks BBW has added another two lines of fantastic products to our ever growing collection.

image Civia “Bikes For The Way You Live”: Civia Cycles is a relatively new bike company on the scene, but their vision for the future of urban cycling is clear. Civia makes simple, elegant bikes and products that take you to work, to school, the grocer—anywhere you need to go. Whether you’re commuting hours a day or just pedaling a few blocks to the train station, their bikes and accessories keep you and your stuff on the move.

image Ibex Outdoor Clothing: We cannot begin to express how much we love Ibex and their line of outdoor clothing! Wool based clothing is the ultimate in performance and comfort and Ibex knows wool best. High quality merino wool wears better than synthetics and does not capture body odor. Additionally, a significant portion of their clothing line is made here is the USA. If you have never tried wool or are skeptical about it, please come by the shop or give us a call and we’d be happy to share the benefits we have discovered.

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