MD Gets Transportation Policy for Positive Climate Change Goals but Not Non-Motorized Transportation :(

* State Support for Non-Motorized Transportation
Walking and bicycling are the only modes of transportation that produce zero greenhouse gas emissions, and there is tremendous potential to shift short car trips to these modes if the infrastructure is there to support them. Installing walking and bicycling facilities and building out these networks is relatively inexpensive compared to other surface transportation improvements. A little bit of funding goes a long way. Virtually all of the aid from the Federal Highway Administration can be used for non-motorized projects. Nationally, pedestrians and bicyclists make up 13 percent of all road fatalities, yet less than 1 percent of the federal safety funds are used to make these travel options more secure. This study examines what proportion of the FHA’s Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds states actually use for pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure.

A state can receive a maximum of 17 points for its financial support for non-motorized transportation through the flexible federal Surface Transportation Program (STP). A state receives 17 points for spending more than 2.5 percent of STP funds on non-motorized transportation. Point allocations decrease gradually to 0 for a state that spends less than 1 percent of STP funds on non-motorized transportation.

>>> MD >>> ZERO points!!!


* Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans
Bicycle and pedestrian master plans indicate whether the state department of transportation is evaluating and planning for the needs of non-motorized users. Master plans are also important in prioritizing infrastructure investments and ensuring there are uninterrupted networks of walkable, bikable streets. While ad hoc improvements may be useful on a granular scale, walking and bicycling do not become real options for people unless there are reliable, safe, and completed networks in place.
[B' Spokes: This is an interesting as we got the points for having this even though there is nothing about our Bicycle Master Plans that prioritizes infrastructure investments. If 20% of our State roads that are unbikeable, interrupt a bike route or are all in urban areas where there is a need for better bicycling conditions... well that's is according to our bike master plan. :( ] From: Getting Back on Track: Aligning State Transportation Policy with Climate Change Goals
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by B' Spokes

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