David Herlihy Book Signing Thursday, Dec 9th 7-9pm

We have a special guest for our Thursday, December 9th 7-9pm pot-luck. David Herlihy author of "Bicycle:The History" and his new book "The Lost Cyclist" will be here at Proteus to talk about his book and sign copies. The book has received awesome reviews and makes for a great holiday read. Come join us. Food and beverages provided.

 Book Signing Thursday December 9th 7-9pm
 The Lost Cyclist by David Herlihy

The Lost Cyclist The Lost Cyclist is a new book about Frank Lenz, a young photographer who set off from his home in Pittsburgh in 1892 to circle the globe atop a new-fangled safety bicycle with inflatable tires (the modern prototype), only to disappear in Turkey two years into his epic journey, and the efforts of another "globe girdling" American cyclist, William Sachtleben, to unravel the mystery of Lenz's fate. David will present a digital slideshow of (mostly) unpublished photographs Lenz took before his world tour -- on an old-fashioned "high-wheeler" no less -- and during his travels across the United States, Japan, China, Burma, India and Persia.


 See What the Smithsonian says

Smithsonian: What do you hope readers will take away from the book?

David Herlihy: I do think there's something admirable, youthful-some would say "American"-about the spirit of Lenz's and Sachtleben's adventures. Their stories resonate with our notions of plucky Americans and their can-do attitudes. Despite the personal tragedies here, there is something uplifting about their willingness to see the world and their fundamental optimism. They really did have to have basic faith in humanity to think that they would return home alive. I'm hoping that readers take away a fair impression of these two young men. I didn't try to conceal their rough edges, their recklessness, their lack of cultural sensitivity, or exaggerate what they actually accomplished. Still, on a physical level, their bicycle journeys were indisputably amazing feats. And these two truly were pioneers, in that they helped to introduce the bicycle as we know it to the general public. Their stories should be told.

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I hope to see you. You'll really enjoy meeting David Herlihy.


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