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Friday, September 22 2017 @ 12:52 AM UTC

Tour de Links - Pooped

Biking Elsewhereby washcycle

Maillot Jaune: A study in NYC determined that drivers often drive in, and park in, bike lanes. Even protected ones. I'm shocked. "Stringer staffers measured bike lane violations at 11 locations during the morning and evening rush between October 5 and October 7. Motorists blocking bike lanes, wrong-way cycling, and pedestrians wandering into the lane were the most widespread types of misuse. Out of 275 motor vehicles blocking bike lanes, 35 were part of the city’s fleet. Of those, 19 were cops....The Borough President is recommending that NYPD crack down on bike lane-blocking motorists. He suggests putting traffic enforcement agents on bikes to patrol lanes and issue summonses to both motorists and cyclists"  You can see the result of the study here. I'm also shocked that the media sensationalized the story.

Podium - A jogger wearing headphones made a sudden u-turn on Dallas' Katy Trail. She was hit by a cyclist (who was reportedly not speeding and calling out before passing) and subsequently died. BikePortland reminds users to not wear headphones, look before turning and pass at a speed that allows for a crazy Ivan.

Podium - An Indiana bicyle cop was killed in a hit and run crash. And a philanthropist was killed during the final leg of a cross-country bike ride to raise money for victims of last summer's oil spill.

Maillot Vert: Isaac Johnson was a black inventor who invented a type of folding bicycle frame back in 1899, but he did not invent "the bicycle frame" as is sometimes claimed.

Maillot a Pois Rouge: Greg Cohen at the National Journal thinks we should make roads that are more forgiving of distracted drivers, which prompted a response by LAB's Andy Clarke. Meanwhile Maryland started banning the use of handheld phones while driving on Oct 1 but only as a secondary offense, which may do little good. It's talking on the phone while driving that is truly dangerous, not holding the phone in your hand. Furthermore, some research shows that laws banning handheld devices can be more dangerous, because drivers continue to use them anyway, but with the added distraction of trying to hide their use and pull their eyes farther from the road in the process.

Maillot Blanc: A company in florida is selling "DUI scooters" - scooters targeted to drivers who've lost their licenses due to a DWI. That would never catch on in Maryland. No one loses their license. When I was in London, there was a service you could hire if you'd drank too much to drive home. A sober person would meet you at your car and put their folding bike in your trunk. They'd drive you home and then ride their bike back (some of them had foldable scooters, which is why I'm connecting the two).

Lanterne Rouge: After seeing a driver nearly hit a cyclist, a woman threw a bag of dog poop in the driver's face. I don't condone that, but at least SOMEONE enforces the law. She was charged with assault and battery with a weapon. A weapon? Only if it was a great dane.

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