Bike, pedestrian plan wins national award

[B' Spokes: I can't even begin to imagine having bike/ped friendly major roads. But not to worry Maryland has great plans so you can bike or walk somewhere else, may not take you where you want to go but at least they are thinking about us. And lets not forget that only Maryland forbids Federal TE money for bike lanes. :s ]

A plan that would vastly expand the availability of bicycle lanes and sidewalks in Middle Tennessee has won a national award from the Planning Council of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.

It’s the first time that a group has won the “Best Project” award without addressing motorized vehicles, according to a news release from the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The plan calls for 1,100 miles of on-road bicycle lanes, as well as sidewalks to be added on all major roads. It’s designed to address both traffic congestion and obesity. Tennessee has the second highest obesity rate in the country.

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