Atlantic City police arrest man after he steals "bait" bicycle on Atlantic City Boardwalk

By ELAINE ROSE, Staff Writer

An Atlantic City man was arrested after he stole a bicycle police put out on the Boardwalk as bait in response to complaints of thefts, police said Tuesday.

Sgt. Richard Halverson put a bicycle out on the Boardwalk, locked it with a cable lock at about noon Monday, and waited a short distance away, police said. Within an hour, a man rode up on his own bicycle, cut the lock on the bait bike, and rode off on it, leaving his own bicycle behind, police said.

Halverson went after the suspect for several blocks while back-up officers arrived, police said. Halverson stopped the man on the 1700 block of Arctic Avenue, and the suspect got off the bicycle and ran away on foot. Officer Robert Dessicino arrested the suspect after a struggle.

Frank Forrest Jr. 53, of North Maryland Avenue, was arrested and charged with theft, resisting arrest, vandalism and possession of burglary tools, police said.

Police said they will continue to conduct stake-outs around the city in areas where residents complain of thefts. People are asked to call police when they see any suspicious people or activity.

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