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Per O'Malley's Face Book page:

"Governor O'Malley wants to hear from you! Post your questions here or on twitter with #askomb and Governor O'Malley will answer as many questions as he can each week."

While I am more supportive of O'Malley then the other guy this is my question:

Do you have any plans to change MDOT's draconic policies that hinder the localities from receiving a fair share of Federal Transportation Enhancement money for bicycle and pedestrian enhancements that are allowed per Federal policy but not the State's? more info: <a href=""></a>;

Additionally there is something disturbing on the what and why of what got dropped from Baltimore Counties Bike Master Plan: <a href=""></a>;

(On the plus side there is some talk about changing how the State handles the Federal Recreational Trail Program at least.)

So feel free to tweet this or any other issue you might have. Or a more appropriate tweet might be:

#askomb Are you going to fix this <a href=""></a>; or this <a href=""></a>; ?

O'Malley's Face book page: <a href=""></a>;

If you care to comment on question on O'Malley's Face Book page: <a href=""></a>#!/MartinOMalley?v=wall&amp;story_fbid=10150259464670393

(copy and past the whole URL the auto link is messed up.)

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