Recap of Last Sundays Dancing in the Streets

Political hobnobbing is not everyone's cup of tea, but events like last Sunday are a great way to voice what is going right and wrong in Baltimore County's support of bicycling. If you want to see a change get involved!

To highlight some of the people I talked with:

Ted Levin (running for County Council), how can you not be impressed with someone who on their first page of their brochure mentions Rails-to-Trails?

Vicki Almond (running for County Council), "Let's sit down over coffee and talk what needs to be done to better accommodate cyclists." I was really impressed with her lets get down to details and how can I help attitude.

Jon Cardin (State Delegate), how can you not be impressed with his continued support of cycling?

Bobby Zirkin (State Senator), another of our supporters in Annapolis.

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