Alexandria's Spring 2010 Street Smart Results

[B' Spokes again something I have never seen reported here in Maryland. Is our Street Smart Campaign working? Does anyone care? Did you even know we had a Street Smart Campaign?]


Alexandria announced it's spring Street Smart Campaign results. Either they weren't targeting cyclists, or we were a well-behaved lot.

During the Street Smart campaign, 1,412 citations were issued.  Of these citations, 1,250 were issued for motorist violations.  This includes 656 Speeding citations, 84 Reckless Driving citations, two Passing Loading/Unloading School Bus citations, one Failure to Stop for Pedestrians at a Crosswalk citation and 507 other violations.  One hundred and thirty-nine motorist arrests were made for violations including Driving While Intoxicated and Driving with a Suspended/Restricted License.

In addition, eleven pedestrian citations were issued for Walking Against the Don’t Walk signal or Red Light.  One bicyclist citation was issued for No Front White Light at Night/No Rear Reflector.

The numbers don't add up (1250+11+1 <> 1412), but I don't know what I'm missing.

Officers issued citations to drivers along the Mount Vernon Trail corridor in Old Town to encourage safe bicycling.

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