National Recreational Trail Grants Available - Applications Due July 1, 2010

[B' Spokes: I am bringing this story to the top again because I just found a link that says Maryland gets $1,158,618 in Recreational Trail funding this year. Now I am trying to figure out who says this should build 1 trail, 38 trails or even a 100 trails. What would you rather have, one really good (expensive) trail a year or a lot of inexpensive trails? I'm thinking of a trail yet unbuilt in Baltimore County and if I remember correctly the cost was $100,000, whoops too expensive for this program so it will remain unbuilt, yet we have enough funds for 11 trails of this nature to be built per year. Wouldn't it be better to open things up to allow things to be built that need to be built in areas of need over an arbitrary financial limit?]

Each year Maryland is apportioned National Recreational Trails Program funds through the Federal Surface Transportation Equity Act for disbursement to qualifying projects. These funds, administered by the Maryland State Highway Administration, have made it possible for communities across the State to develop, improve and maintain trails in order to provide access to Maryland’s awesome natural and recreational resources.

We are always looking for eligible projects, and invite you to consider applying for National Recreational Trails Program funds for your recreational trail projects. To learn more about eligible project types and program criteria, as well as accessing a digital application, visit the following website: <a href=""></a>; . Scroll down to the “Recreational Trails Program” under “Environment and Community”.

Also, please be advised that this is an 80/20 percent reimbursement program, and not a grant program. Awarded funds will be used to reimburse sponsors for 80 percent of the expenditures incurred; invoicing is done on a monthly basis once construction or purchase of materials/equipment is started. The funds are limited and therefore awarded to the most qualified projects in an amount not to exceed $30,000 per project. Eligible projects include:

* Maintenance and restoration of existing trails;
* Development and rehabilitation of trailside and trailhead facilities and trail linkages for recreation and transportation oriented trails
* Purchase and lease of recreational trail construction and maintenance equipment;
* Construction of new recreational trials;
* Acquisition of easement and fee simple title to property for recreational trail purposes;
* Implementation of interpretive/educational programs to promote intrinsic qualities, alternative transportation, safety, and environmental protection, as those objectives relate to the use of recreational trails.

Applications for this year’s funds are being accepted until July 1, 2010. Please submit to:

Recreational Trails Program
Office of Environmental Design
State Highway Administration
707 North Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

Awards will be made subject to Maryland's receipt of its fiscal year 2011 Federal Fund allocation for the program. Thank you for your interest in the National Recreational Trails Program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Terry Maxwell at mailto:tmaxwell&quot;at&quot;

Terry Maxwell
Maryland Scenic Byways/Recreational Trails
Office of Environmental Design
State Highway Administration
<a href=""></a>;

<a href=""></a>;

by B' Spokes

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You're absolutely right about this program. And you just gave me an idea that I will suggest in the W. Baltimore County bike plan in the suggested changes for state policies section. They could divide this grant program in 1/2. Half small grants. Half significant grants. You can't do very much with $30,000. But maybe the other 1/2 could be grants of up to $150,000. Thanks. RL