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A new service for Northern Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania cyclists, the Mobile Wrench is here to provide the ultimate in personal and professional bicycle service at your home or office, at a price you can't beat! <a href=""></a>; is here! A professional bicycle mechanic with over 15 years experience, the Mobile Wrench will come to your house and bring everything necessary to get your old bike running great, SAFELY rebuild that Christmas bike from WalMark (their bikes are often poorly built), or assemble a bike you’ve purchased on Craigslist or Ebay. Your bike will work better than ever, you don’t have to move it an inch, and it will all cost less than dragging it to the brick and mortar bike shop. Satisfaction guaranteed! Kid’s bike assembly or RE-assembly is only $35 (not much for peace of mind), and an adult assembly is $45. Custom, professional work is available, visit <a href=""></a>; or send and email for details. Thanks, and HAPPY RIDING!
Brian Kopp
The Mobile Wrench
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