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If a bicycle rider near you is a child:

The snapshot the OP posted looks like the CA driver's license test. Either way, in CA you are allowed to only miss 6 out of 30 questions the first time you are issued your license, and only 3 questions when you are renewing it. Additionally, you are allowed to take the test up to three times in a visit. Otherwise, you suck, come back tomorrow. They corrected the ones I missed and gave the test to me to keep when I passed (first time, btw).

Back in MD it was different. I remember passing score was comparatively lower and you don't have to take it when you renew. The questions were also complete giveaways especially compared to some of the pretty arcane ones I got in CA.

Regardless, responding to the original topic, if anyone should be raising awareness of the law it should be the police enforcing it.
To be fair to the DMV the entire test was poorly worded. The test was definitely not written by professional psychometricians; it appears that the test was written by bureaucrats who copied and pasted from the drivers manual.

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