Obama on a bicycle ride in Martha's Vineyard

Here we have a wonderful picture of a father spending time with his kids and the press gets its knickers all in a knot about the President not wearing a helmet. Gee if it's that big of a deal maybe we should start bombing those helmet-less Danes, seriously we should not let them get away with have a lower bicycle fatality rate then us without helmets, safe cycling just can't be done without a helmet and we need to let the world know that. If bike riding without a helmet is such a high risk activity maybe we should crack down on other activities that have higher risks like walking, far more people get killed walking then they do by bike riding, we should definitely make pedestrians wear helmets. And then how about sheer numbers of lives we can save if we require motorists to wear helmets out of 40,000 motor vehicle deaths a year you would think that we could save a few thousand lives if we made motorists wear helmets, if they are going to run around like race car drivers they might as well dress the part.

Or maybe we should just say, aww what nice dad spending time with his kids, too bad more parents don't do this with their kids... maybe because they are afraid to leave the house without a helmet.

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