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Sorry to bother you but my life has come to a crossroad; move out of state to get a job and leave Baltimore Spokes or try to stay and continue bicycling advocacy. It is hard for me to toot my own horn but since I have received some comments that what we do here at Baltimore Spokes will be sorely missed if it were to stop, so I write this appeal; if you are aware of job that would give me some flexibility to attend meetings and/or an economical place to stay (at least for a short term basis) please contact me. .
I have spent over 20 years as a commercial software developer primarily using C++ (but knowledgeable in other languages as well) till the direction of the company I worked for changed and outsourced to India. But I'll note I am willing to do just about anything.

I am one of the few bicycling advocates in the state to go through complete streets training as part of Safe Routes To School program as well as attending classes on web based advocacy through New Organizing Institute. I am also a voting member of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Bord Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Accomplishments include:
* Getting attention on bicycle and pedestrian access issues with the Living Shorelines Protection Act regulations by networking with significant parties to make the most impact;
* Working on returning effectiveness to Maryland's Bicycle and Advisory Committee, first by bringing attention to an Open Meetings Act violations and currently working on encouraging better and more effective communications from that committee to where it is needed;
* Working with the League of American Bicyclists on their Bicycle Friendly Cities Program (Baltimore) and their Bicycle Friendly States Program (Maryland.) These programs provide significant hooks to improve what is lacking. My stance is not to give a (Bronze) level award till some effort is applied to all 5 "E's" (Engineering (both trail and on-road accommodations,) Education, Enforcement, Encouragement and Evaluation (measurable results.))
* We have been a significant force in establishing contact with Baltimore City Police to get action on what is called for by our Bicycle Master Plan (adopted by City Council.) There still a need to "encourage" them to stay involved so this needs almost constant vigilance.
* Successfully created two citizen voting members on the Baltimore Regional Transit Board Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Group and if the proposed Federal CLEAN-TEA passes these positions/Committee will be even more influential then in years past (and we helped lobby for this legislation and provided eye opening statistics for our Representatives on this as well.)
* Baltimore Spokes and One Less Car working together provided key input that got our bus fleet full equipped with bicycle racks.
* Working with Penny of Light Street Cycles we helped encourage/empower our Mayor into being a biking Mayor.

I will also note that I average around 6,000 miles a year on my bike, it is a great way to see and enjoy the state of Maryland.

Thanks for any help you can provide,


by B' Spokes

Like most people I live a hectic life and who has the time for much exercise? Thanks to xtracycle now I do. By using my bike for daily activities I can get things done and get an hour plus work out in 15 minutes extra of my time, not a bad deal and beats taking the extra time going to the gym. In case you are still having trouble being motivated; the National Center of Disease Control says that inactivity is the #2 killer in the United States just behind smoking. ( ) Get out there and start living life! I can carry home a full shopping cart of groceries, car pool two kids or just get lost in the great outdoors camping for a week. Well I got go, another outing this weekend.
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