Inauguration Day - D.C. Maps & Restrictions

Link to Google map showing details of what roads are open and closed:
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[From another list:]
I'm posting this because I figure some readers may be either
interested in the prospect of riding a bike in a car-free day in DC,
or are otherwise interested in getting to DC for the inauguration, or
are at least interested in how a city handles something like this.
If anyone has info on Baltimore's inauguration planning, please point
me to it.
- LW


It looks like the Secret Service and DDOT have released their maps of
what the restricted areas and transportation options will be for DC on
Inauguration Day. There is going to be a lot of car-free pavement (but
probably not empty) out there open to walking and bicycles only. If
you've ever wanted to bike around a car free DC, this may be your
chance. The parade route is restricted to 300,000 so once that many
show up they'll turn people away (I have no idea how they plan to
count them). The Mall will not be limited. WABA is preparing to park
1000 bicycles - for 3 million people, so it's possible they'll be
completely overrun.

Combined Google Map including Secret Service Map, DDOT MAP and WABA
Bike Valet Locations Here -
<a href=";g=20003&amp;hl=en&amp;msa=0&amp;msid=10255">;g=20003&amp;hl=en&amp;msa=0&amp;msid=10255</a>;...

If you're coming from the south, it's going to be difficult. First,
most bridges in the area will be closed to auto, bicycle and
pedestrian traffic. Open to bikes and peds only are Memorial, Key,
Chain and all the Anacostia bridges upstream of the 11th Street
Bridge, and (depending who you ask) maybe the 14th Street Bridge. The
Memorial Bridge will be the only designated pedestrian crossing over
the Potomac. Pedestrians will be allowed on the Key and Chain bridges,
but officials said Chain Bridge is not a practical option for people
headed downtown. There will also be pedestrian-only routes to the Mall
and the swearing-in ceremony, including the Third Street Tunnel.

The Secret Service has banned ban personal vehicles from all Potomac
River bridge crossings from Virginia into the District and from
interstates 395 and 66 inside the Capital Beltway. From 2 a.m. to 7
p.m. Inauguration Day, the inbound lanes of Potomac River bridges will
be reserved for buses, limousines, taxis and other &quot;authorized
vehicles.&quot; Remaining open will be the New York Avenue and the Sousa,
Whitney Young, and Benning Road bridges. Northern Virginia drivers
will be able to reach the District only from the Beltway in Maryland,
and officials are urging people not to attempt to drive into the city.
Also closed to personal vehicles will be the Southeast-Southwest
Freeway in the District and much of George Washington Memorial
Parkway, which will be closed in both directions between the Beltway
and the 14th Street bridge. Regan National Airport traffic will be
diverted onto Route 1 or the southbound GW Parkway. The HOV lanes on
Interstate 95/395 will be HOV-only northbound from 4 a.m. Jan. 17
until 3 a.m. Jan. 20, when they will be open to buses only.

Special inaugural ticket packages on MARC trains are sold out on the
Penn and Camden lines but that 700 tickets are available on the
Brunswick Line. Maryland will also run transit buses from park-and-
ride lots across the region to Metrorail stations; 9,000 tickets are
available. Regional officials are trying to plan for different
contingencies, such as a snowstorm. In Virginia, road officials will
treat all roads and commuter lots regardless of the weather forecast
and will have 40 safety patrols and seven tow trucks in position.

There is an area near the Capitol, White House, Mall and Parade Route
where bikes are prohibited. There is an enormous area outside that
where cars are restricted (to buses, residents, etc...). Secret
Service restricted some and DDOT restricted more for buses. Cars will
also be prohibited at several METRO stations, as they will be reserved
for charter buses who have registered in advance. The Archives-Navy
Memorial-Penn Quarter station on Metro's Green and Yellow Lines and
the Smithsonian station on the Blue and Orange Lines, will be closed
completely all day. All Metrorail station restrooms will be closed.

Metrorail parking facilities will open at 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday January
20. Metro will charge $4 (cash only) per automobile for parking on
Inauguration Day at all Metrorail lots and garages. Parking will be
free at all Metrorail facilities from Saturday, January 17 to Monday,
January 19, 2009. All vehicles remaining on METRO parking lots at
closing time on the 19th will be towed out. Metro has about 60,000
parking spaces in 29 lots and 22 garages throughout the Washington
region. Reserved parking rules will not be in effect.

Once in the District, drivers will find a dramatically expanded no-
vehicle zone.
In addition to a wide area surrounding the White House, the Capitol
and the Pennsylvania Avenue parade route, the city has added a
rectangle of downtown north of the White House, another tract west
of Union Station and much of Southwest for charter bus parking. Only
buses, taxis, limousines, other authorized vehicles, bicycles and
pedestrians will be allowed in those areas, according to city

These areas include a 50-block section of downtown between 21st Street
on the west, 11th Street on the east, P Street on the north and K
Street on the south. Other new no-go areas include a section of
downtown west of Union Station and much of the area aroundWashington
Navy Yard and theWashington Nationals' stadium.

Combined Google Map including Secret Service Map, DDOT MAP and WABA
Bike Valet Locations Here -
<a href=";g=20003&amp;hl=en&amp;msa=0&amp;msid=10255">;g=20003&amp;hl=en&amp;msa=0&amp;msid=10255</a>;...

You can see the original Secret Service Map here -
<a href=""></a>;

The MTA walking map is here -
<a href=""></a>;...

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