12th Annual Bicycle Symposium

Hi Bike Advocates. Happy New Year. As you are putting together your new 2009 Event Calendar, Please Mark Wednesday February 4, 2009 for the 12th Annual Bicycle Symposium in Annapolis from 9:00AM to 4:00PM and plan to attend. There are several very important Bike Related Issues that need to be discussed and your expertize and in put are greatly needed:

1.Several Bike Related Bills Pending in Annapolis
2. A Major Change for/at the Bike Coordinator Office at SHA
3. Maryland Rated at 35th Place out of 50 States in LAB Bike Friendly States Survey.
4. Major Discussion on the Curb-Lane Striping Changes on State Roads.
5. Sec. Trans John Porcari's ruling to NOT Have Bikes(ON Road) on any part of the ICC Toll Road Corridor. And
6. General Well-Being of Biking in Md.

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