BALTIMORE truly sucks

[Comment from mod: We encourage everyone to report problems and issues in the Baltimore area. These reports ARE used to at least help make sure that steps are taken so the problems are reduced.]

I have been here in Baltimore for three years and bike almost daily to Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus. During this time, I have been assaulted 6 times with fists, rubber bullets, rocks.... have also gotten a bike stolen from inner harbor with a security camera right on top of it.

By the way I am from Pakistan. Never saw any violence whatsoever in Pakistan. The first time I was ever assaulted was in Baltimore. Don't think I am a cry baby I still defy the assholes/ terrorists of Baltimore and bike daily to campus because if I don't these mfu*** have won. anyways, I have gotten used to all of the violence.

My advice to all the avid bikers out there

1. if you see more than one teenager approaching you, RUN. these punks attack you in groups.

2. never stop at a red light unless theres traffic approaching

3. don't bother calling the cops if you get assaulted. they will laugh it off. just suck it up

4. always carry a spare tube in case you have a puncture

5. Bike at odd hours, very early in the morning or really late at night becase the assholes also need to get some sleep.
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You're right about the teenagers/adolescents! I haven't been assaulted physically, but I have been threatened. They think it's funny to try and make you fall off your bike or something. I also bike early in the morning and in the middle of rush hour when they're alot of cars, too many for them to want to run out on the street towards you. You're a brave soul to bike everyday to the JHU medical campus. I work there and used to bike there, but I was nearly robbed (blew through a red light to escape the teens). Ever since, I stopped riding to there. At least coming to the downtown area, you have options to avoid the really bad areas, but Hopkins sits in the middle of a really bad area. I have a friend who lives in that neighborhood, he grew up there, and although he doesn't feel threatened (being 6'5"), when I give him a lift home in my car, he always reminds me to lock all my doors and windows. And his mom has a gun in the house that she's not shy to use.
Thank you for the comments The nickname for south-east Baltimore is "downtown Baghdad"! If you ask me it is worse here/ per capita than anywhere else.

One more tool that helped me ward off more attacks is a mega horn - this thing is deafening and punks think its a police car. Amazon sells it for 10-20$

I understand that you are venting here Ali, we all feel your frustration. But I have to say that I've had more trouble with the folks in Roland Park than the folks on North Ave. Had a woman pull over to let me pass repeatedly so she could yell at me as I rode by, then get behind me and try to ram me with her car, which ironicly had "green is good" stickers on it. Her response when I asked her why the f she was doing this? "Because you cyclists think you own the road." This was in the Homeland neighborhood, not exactly a rough place to ride. My theory-everyone hates cyclists.
I have had my share of close encounters with cars. Just a few days back, an MVA official in an MVA car told me to get off the road because "I am not supposed to be on the road!" Tha danger from cars is a ubiquitous phenomenon and there are ways of dealing with it. what I am trying to tell you folks is an East Baltimore-specific thing propagated by violent screwed up teenagers...... ali
dont worry - everything will change once gas hits 10$ a gallon
when i started this thread a year back, it was right after an assault and rightfully I was pissed off. Just to make things clear, I still bike to campus and have grown an affection for the city. Despite all its problems, I kind of like Baltimore, its residents and of course the Ravens!
I live in Charles Village and I am trying to find the best way to bike to the east baltimore medical campus. I am a female, and I don't think I am ready to tolerate having teenagers attacking me and people yelling or throwing stones at me. That sounds extremely stressful. Is there a relatively "safe" route to bike to the east campus? Also, reading your MVA officer comment, I am at a loss as to where we are supposed to ride our bike. There are times I ride on the sidewalk because I am afraid of getting hit by the car, and one lady from Patterson Park area (who looked normal and educated from the outside) yelled at me and said, "You know it is against the law to ride on the sidewalk? You could have killed my kid!!!" when the kid was no where close to me. Baltimore is growing on me, but biking scene is still very primitive.
Use the 2nd Amendment and put these punks in the ground where they belong. Mace or police baton is also good. Carry knife or ice pick as backup in case things come to close quarters.
Wao, I can't believe its been almost 7 years since I wrote this and NOTHING has changed. Just last week, again, a group of teenagers near Monument and Caroline St off of Dunbar school jumped on me. Luckily, I have changed my cycling mode from Road to a sweet Hardball MTB and was able to jump off the curb and run off. Wasn't the city supposed to impose a curfew on these teenagers after 9?