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Response to Bicycle Commuter Tax Benefit::

Although small, the bicycle commuter tax benefit is well worth taking. Filing one's own taxes is fine, but people need to know about all the deductions and credits that change each year. Tax Software helps, but one still has to be aware and click on the right box. I try to jog peoples' memories. My last client overlooked a large energy credit for an attic mirror insulation system that reflects heat. Others forget about incl large medical exp over 7% of their AGI in their itemized deductions. Another client received an incorrect 1099-R from inheriting a life ins policy. The 1099-R showed no cost basis, but after my contacting the ins company that had been involved in mergers, we found there was a large cost basis. The ins company issued a corrected 1099-R that saved my client a lot of tax. People don't like to pay someone to prepare their taxes. But unless their Return is very simple or they are well versed in the complex tax law, they often overpay .

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