Ciclovia in Baltimore? It could happen.

If you have been reading our email updates, or have checked out the Ciclovia page on our website you know that One Less Car has been at the forefront of the push to bring South America's coolest street festival to Maryland's biggest city. In case you don't know what it is, Ciclovia is when big cities like Bogota and Guadalajara open up miles upon miles of streets to pedestrians, bicyclists, roller-bladers and all manner of non-motorized traffic every Sunday morning. It's a great way for people to "take back" the streets and see their city from a totally new angle.

Last week One Less Car's Executive Director, Richard Chambers and Ciclovia Coordinator, Carol Silldorf, rode along a possible route for a Baltimore Ciclovia with city transportation officials and members of the Mayor's staff. The potential route would traverse neighborhoods as different as Federal Hill and Collington Square. The city's wonderful waterfront would also be showcased.

Although Mayor Dixon has not yet fully committed to having Ciclovia (or "Sunday Streets" as it is also being called) start this Spring, she has shown great interest in the concept and has invested real time and talent into making this happen. Want to see what a real Ciclovia actually looks like? Check out this video from the place where it all began - Bogota, Colombia. It was produced by Clarence Eckerson and the cool folks at Streetfilms.

by B' Spokes

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