Bicycle Racks on MTA Buses Fact Sheet


In 2003 MTA purchased and installed 200 front-end bicycle racks on buses stationed at the Northwest Division Bus Yard in Baltimore City. The racks were purchased through federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds. The cost of these racks was roughly 200,000 dollars.

Due to a lack of proper training for MTA bus operators and maintenance personnel all of the racks have been damaged or destroyed. As of July 2007, no buses in the MTA system currently operate with bicycle racks.

During a meeting with One Less Car and the Transit Riders Action Council of Metropolitan Baltimore MTA Administrator Paul Wiedefeld said that he was committed to seeing that all buses have bike racks in the future. However, MTA has yet to commit to a timeframe or funding plan for purchasing and installing bicycle racks.

It is important to note that the bike racks currently installed on WMATA buses in the Washington DC area were paid for in part by a 600,000-dollar grant from the Maryland Department of Transportation in 2004. As on July 2007, all WMATA metrobuses were equipped with front-end bicycle racks. Although statistics are not yet available, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association states that the racks have been a success with bicyclists and transit riders. Transit ridership on the WMATA system has increased since the installation of the racks.

Most major mass transit systems in the United States, including the systems serving Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago, Annapolis, Montgomery County, Maryland, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Virginia Beach operate all or a significant majority of their buses with functioning bicycle racks. Why bicycle racks are important

The integration of bicycles and mass transit has proven to be a cost-effective way to increase mass transit ridership and overall accessibility. A 1999 Federal Transit Administration report entitled

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August 2, 2007 The Honorable Sheila Dixon Mayor City Hall 100 North Holliday Street, Room 250 Baltimore, MD. 21202 Dear Mayor Dixon, We once again urge the City of Baltimore to include installation of bicycle racks on MTA buses and at subway and light rail stations as part of the city
Talked to John Ratliff, the Policy Director for Governor O'Malley last week. He has a good transportation background and understands bike/ped/transit issues pretty well. Real "smart growth" kinda guy. He seems excited about the idea of getting bicycle racks on all MTA buses and at all MTA rail facilities because its relatively inexpensive (roughly 1 million dollars in total cost, not counting operator training) and because its a very "visible" way for the administration to show support for both bicyclists and transit users. I'll definitely be following up with him after the special session. Also, I briefed delegates Pete Hammen and Maggie McIntosh on the MTA bike racks issue and the feedback has been supportive. Once again, they understand that this is a "big bang for your buck" type of issue. Big return, relatively low cost. I'll also be following up with them soon. My advice to you all - write those letters demanding racks to the Governor and Transportation Secretary Porcari . And remember - I have postcards addressed to the Governor demanding racks for MTA buses, so if you want to sign one, just email me - Richard