One Less Car helps to change BRTB Transportation Outlook plan

Mass Transit will receive more funding

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board is a 10-member group responsible for providing regional transportation planning and policy making for the Baltimore metropolitan region. Every four years the board updates its regional long-range plan that outlines the area's transportation needs and priorities.

The first draft version of the plan put aside billions for highway expansion, while leaving mass transit with a small share of the available funds. One Less Car, in conjunction with our partners at the Transit Riders Action Council and B'More Mobile, worked to draft a plan that set aside more money for needed mass transit upgrades.

The BRTB listened to some of our suggestions and the new plan adds 300 million dollars more to mass transit projects. Although this is still far less than what we need, its a step in the right direction.

The BRTB will be accepting comments on the revised plan until Tuesday, November 13th. We need you to make your voice heard by going to the BRTB website and demanding that even more resources are devoted to bike/ped and mass transit projects. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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