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I just moved to Baltimore 4 weeks ago - and one of those weeks was spent having fun in Santa Fe New Mexico, so it doesn't count. I didn't really think to check up on the bike transportation network before I moved to town and was shocked to find 1) the buses have no bikeracks! and 2) there is no real bike network with city-incorporated lanes, paths, and signed routes, and 3) no city bike map. Just this last weekend I saw my first bike path on my way to Hampden (I have no car by the way) and got really excited. I went to the library and searched online but found no bike map other than the one published by a UMBC student over 5 years ago.
I just finished working for the City of Rockville, MD producing their 2007 CIty Bike Map, showing bike lanes, paths, and signed road routes. I just transferred to Towson U. and would like to keep doing the same. Since I have access to the necessary software at school, I would like people to help me identify and map out the appropriate routes for the map. Does anyone want to help? Does anyone know someone already working on a project like this so I can help?
Thx, and happy riding in this crazy place.

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There is a great bike map of the Gwynns Falls Trail in Baltimore.Go to to request a paper copy or see the on-line version.
There is a group of community activists trying to stop the planning and construction of the Jones Falls Trail from the Light Rail station in Mt. Washington to Druid Hill Park. The trail will bring Inner City crime to Mt. Washington. Please feel free to get in touch with these activists. Contact info: George Ferris 443-286-8944 or email Gunther Wertheimer 410-664-4814 or email Elizabeth McDonald email Or you can use the email address for the group The group is meeting tonight (10/3) so this a great time to lend your voice on this issue.
Bike Maps:
First off I absolutely love the UMBC map and if was not for that map I would not be the cyclist I am today. Even though the map is old we have lost very few roads that are indicated on the map. For those of you reading and would like this bike map one place I know that sells them is Race Pace. Margie Roswell is one of the movers and shakers on the original project and the best place to get in contact with her and others interested in this idea would be . I will also note that when I tried to get this map updated the bottle neck was funding a cartographer. Lastly like you I was getting frustrated so I started my own online map here:

No bike network:
Our Bike Master Plan is still really new. The delay on implementing the first phase (collage town network) is due to only getting one bid on the contract to lay down the paint (it is illegal to accept the only bid.) So we have to put out another request for bids and hopefully will get more then one this time. We are still hoping that this can happen before the end of the year. To read more about our Bike Master Plan and the proposed full network

Buses having no bike racks
Some history: We had 180 buses with racks but MTA drivers broke them all. MTA decided that due to parking constraints that they would not put any more bike racks on buses and the state Director of Bicycle and Pedestrian Access agreed to this. One Less Car and the City