Low powered motor bikes and the law

There are a lot of legal similarities between motor bikes equipped with a 50cc or less engine (moped or scooter) and a bicycle.

When traveling the speed limit or keeping up with the flow of traffic you are allowed full use of the roadway, typically the safe riding position is center of the lane. (See slow moving vehicle note)

If traveling slower then the above and if:
The road surface continues to include a shoulder or bike lane then we are required to ride there unless an exception applies (making a left turn, hazard, etc.) (See Bike lane note.)

When a lane is too narrow for car and bike to share safely side by side (less then 14 feet wide) the typical safe riding position is in the right hand tire track in the right most through lane.

Otherwise stick to the right most portion of the roadway with a typical safe riding position approximately 2 feet from the curb.

Both are prohibited from using roadways of a speed limit greater then 50mph but can travel the shoulder unless prohibited.

A scooter cannot ride on trails (motor vehicles prohibited) and side paths (wide sidewalks designated for multi-use.)

You cannot take a scooter on mass transit.

Slow moving vehicle: MD

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