Footloose and fancy town

Proposed Towson makeover would push out the cars and bring in the walkers
By Ruma Kumar
Sun Reporter
June 10, 2007

Landscape architect Roland Oehme's dream is modest: He wants to be able to bike from his home in West Towson to the center of the Baltimore County seat without risking his life. So far, it's easier said than done.

On a recent bike ride into the heart of town, he said, he barely avoided a wreck on Bosley Avenue -- a "treacherous" mix of six lanes of cars whizzing past at 50 mph, impatient drivers and traffic lights that don't allow walkers or bikers enough time to cross.

Over the past week, Oehme's cautionary tale mingled with concerns and suggestions from about 150 residents and business owners, spawning a series of recommendations that would make Towson more pedestrian- and bike-friendly -- and more attractive for shops and outdoor dining.

More than 100 residents, business owners and county government officials gathered at Trinity Episcopal Church yesterday to hear the proposals prepared by a team of engineers, urban planners and architects.

Their ideas for a downtown facelift include:

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