Cromwell Valley Bike Trail update #2

Greetings: Councilman Gardina tabled the resolution two weeks ago but is reintroducing it at the May 1st work session (many thanks to those who attended). This worked out though since we were given more time to further develop consensus with additional stakeholders by editing lanxguage that broadens the description of the study area. I have sent these suggested edits to Councilman Gardina for his review but have not heard back from him.

Please consider sending an email of support for the trail study resolution -with edits that broaden the study area "to provide access to the Gunpowder Falls Corridor" to replace the following language: "Cromwell Bridge Road/Minebank Run stream valley corridor". Or consider attending the working session at 2 PM, May 1st in Room 205 of the old Courthouse. They provide an opportunity to sign up before hand if you wish to speak.

We need to encourage Councilman McIntire to co-sponsor this resolution with Councilman Gardina. At this point, he is still not at a good comfort level to support it and needs to hear from more constituents. The study area includes both Councilman McIntire's and Councilman Gardina's Districts. Their contact information is (410-887-3384) for McIntire and (410-887-33384) for Gardina.

Hope to see you on the 1st.

Terry Maxwell
Cromwell Valley Community Association, Inc

Just to note that my experience Councilman McIntire has been supportive of multi-use paths. He is just being a responsible politician and responding to those who are making the most noise

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