BaltoCo trail study suport

By Bob Carson (BBC)

Please write your councilman urging him to support a trail study for a bike/ped facility concept that is being proposed by Baltimore County Planning along Cromwell Bridge Road/Minebank Run that would provide a nonmotorized link between Towson neighorhoods and the major recreational destinations just north of us. This concept is part of the Eastern Baltimore County Bike/Ped plan. A trail study would be the next step now that the concept has been proposed within the plan. The most important councilmen to contact are from the 3rd and 5th district as the proposed trail goes through their district.

The first phase of the trail would go from Loch Raven High School to Loch Raven Drive, second phase Loch Raven Drive to Glen Arm and third phase Glen Arm to Gundpowder Falls. BBC uses Loch Raven High School for ride starts and has pretty much abandoned riding on Cromwell Bridge Road because of the traffic on the narrow twisty road. So a bike trail would make a nice option to get to Loch Raven Drive. The BBC board voted to support this project.

Here are the addresses of the councilmen:

5th district
Vincent Gardina
400 Washington Ave.
Towson, MD 21204

3rd district
T. Bryan McIntire
400 Washington Ave.
Towson, MD 21204

It is most effective to write to own councilman, so if you live in another district in Baltimore County. Please write to your councilman and also send a letter to one of the above. If you live outside of Baltimore County, write to one of the above. I have attached a sample letter that you can use to develop your letter.

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