The Aquarium responds with support for cycling!

Thank you for bringing your Aquarium bike experience to our attention. The National Aquarium in Baltimore appreciates your conservation views and is seeking to improve our operations to improve our support of the bicycling community.

After careful review, the Aquarium is taking a boarder approach about how bicycles can fit into our long term plans. In the short term we have decided to add at least one new bike rack to our premises. We are seeking a location that will be more intuitive than the current 2 bike racks that we currently have. We will also place on our website information that would inform visitors about these rack and locations.

The Aquarium encourages its employees to use alternate transportation and we give incentives to those who bike to work. The Jones Falls Trail has been a project that the National Aquarium has been a strong vocal advocate for at public meetings. Ironically, we have insisted that the City place more parking racks along the trail as it develops. We have also been in support of the Middle Branch Bike Trail efforts that are in the planning stages near our new CALC development there.

Again, thank you for your input on how the Aquarium can support bicycling and alternative transportation efforts. Feel free to call, e-mail or meet with me to exchange information. We do have many positive bike related stories that we will share with you.

Bill Minarik
Senior Director
National Aquarium

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