College Park, MD / Ride of the Living Dead II

Sunday October 29, 9:30am
Return of the Ride of the Living Dead!!! Last year we did a 16 mile Halloween bike tour along the Bike paths of the area. This year we are going to step it up. +/- 30 mile ride (for more serious riders) AND a 16 miler.

this year there will be 2 routes:

a 16 mile route (basically last year's route). Jill will be leading this ride, it's a fun casual ride on bike paths. it's a great introduction to the network of bicycle paths in the area.

+/- 30 mile route. this is a mainly flat to rolling course. Tiny and Jim will be leading this ride. We're going to try and stay in a group, but everyone will have a cue sheet in case you want to go at a different pace. Here is the route

Meet at the bike shop betwen 9-9:30 and try to get on the road at 9:30, (but we will probably wait for some stragglers)

if you're cool, you'll wear a costume. last year people said they would and didn't. When we get back, there will be beverages of various types and some snacks. Bringing food/beverages to share is encouraged. There will also be music by a very cool band. They are much quieter than the bands that played last year (in case it was too loud for you). They are called Wax and Wane and they are from baltimore. A 2 piece band with male/female vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard and violin!!!!! Oh yeah, there will be a pumpkin carving contest on the bike ramps outside the shop. Bring your own pumpkin/knife. Did someone say prizes???

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