Adrian Fenty - DC democratic running for mayor

Adrian Fenty just won the DC democratic primary for mayor, which in this city is tantamount to election. He is a cyclist himself (actually a tri-athlete) and this is what he had to say when asked about cycling-related policy:

My campaign has brought me to every major intersection in the City. I see bicyclists "sharing" the road with aggressive drivers, many of whom are from Virginia and Maryland. Frankly, I've seen some pretty scary moments where drivers were careless, on cell phones or apparently unaware of the rights of bicyclists.

My administration will work with bicyclists to increase safety and the ease of bicycling. I believe there has to be consistable education of DC drivers, but particularly of Maryland and Virginia drivers who must understand that bicyclists have road rights in the District. My administration will enforce our laws and increase the security of bicyclists.

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